Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music in my head - grrrrr

Music that keeps annoying me by refusing to leave my head is Sam Beeton's "What you look for", The Script's "The man who can't be moved" and the Ting Ting's "That's not my name" . Unspeakably catchy.

And when did the Script eat Sting?


Mutha said...

I woke up with "Sheila take a bow" by the smiths in my head.

Anonymous said...

I listened to those songs but didn't find them catchy... maybe I-tunes don't play the catchy bits. But I know "That's not my name" and it is catchy, I don't think I'll be downloading that one any time soon. Abster x

Mephitis said...

Hi Mutha; today it's 'heaven knows I'm miserable now', so Morrissey must be catching. :D

I wasn't exactly recommending those tunes, more bewailing them, Abs. :D

Anonymous said...

That's alright then, your reputation for liking only good music continues: order is restored throughout the Gland. :) Abster x