Friday, October 31, 2008

Sexual slurs and a bit of a rant

I really have to stop reading comment threads and forums where they have been discussing the fall-out from the Brand & Ross incident.

Somehow it appears to have become all Georgina Baillie's fault for having the poor judgement to sleep with Brand in the first place and have the audacity to be a sexual being in her own right. The ones that annoy me the most are those predominantly frequented by women, who patently fail to recognise the anti-woman, anti-sex aspect of this.

You don't need to put the woman in the frame to defend the two presenters. You don't need to call her sexist sexual slurs that you hypocritically fail to apply to Brand's sexual behaviour. Moreover, if she hadn't sold her story, do you think the press would have walked away respectfully & stopped door-stepping her and ringing her? No, no, they'd have been dragging out every ex-boyfriend from under every rock (and if they don't anyway, I'll eat my hat). She might as well make money out of it now, but she wasn't responsible for instigating this whole mess.

Oh no, the fault here lies with the howling media who scented blood on the Beeb and the several thousand numbskulls who are so easy to manipulate into moral outrage.


Anonymous said...

I find that in focussing on arguments people are complete idiots, on forums, generally. Nobody can ever understand it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing. There's some quote about great thinkers thinking about ideas and small thinkers only being able to think in terms of gossiping about other people. I can't think of it but it's very apt. I agree that the woman should be left out of the story, it's as if people think "Well he was bad, but SHE was worse", as if that's a valid argument. People are generally very stupid!!! Normally I'm not an intellectual snob but on this sort of thing, yes I am. (A propos of nothing, the word verification I have to type in to prove I'm human is an amalgamation of your name and mine, spooky or what????!) Abster x

Mephitis said...

That's really well put, thanks.