Monday, September 15, 2008

Most pointless toy ever

What what what the blue-pencilled bleep is going on with this toy?

It is the empty frame with painted on exploded bits of Dr Who villain, Cassandra. Why oh why oh why? £5 for that? What a rip!

It'd be better if you could reattach a Cassandra, but no, destroyed Cassandra it truly is.

Good grief.


ellie said...

Tee hee, reminds me of the story my dad used to tell about being given an empty toy fort for Christmas - because the soldiers had all been killed in the war.

Anonymous said...

I have a nephew who would probably pester everyone around him to own that. I was just playing with not one but two of his Martha Jones dolls. One Martha is wearing a black leather jacket, one is wearing a red leather jacket. No shit. My nephew needs to have a handle on one side, cos he's a mug! :) Abster x

fejkat said...

I wonder if the people involved in the creation, manufacture and marketing of that toy go home at night with a real sense of self-satisfaction & consciousness of a job well done...

Mephitis said...

Hehe, Ellie. :D Your poor dad.

At least you now know what to buy him for Christmas, Abs ;).

I fear they go home singing "there's a sucker born every minute" instead, fejkat. :D