Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The eyebrows have it

The TimesOnline amused me yesterday when I read that Alistair Darling had "raised eyebrows" when he warned "that the public were “p-ed off” with Labour * ".

Fortunate that it was other people's eyebrows he was raising and not his own; after all, what eyebrows they are! He must surely require a crane to raise them. And they are of such a dark and contrasting nature to the rest of his face.

Where do politicians get their eyebrows from?

They better watch out for the Belgian army **, that's all I can say.

* No shit, Sherlock.
** Much as I hate to link to the M@il as it is the proverbial shit on my shoe, all principles are defenestrated for a cheap laugh.


Steg said...

My Wife reads The Mail every day.

For myself, I would prefer a newspaper.....

fejkat said...

Now that is one seriously cool job. I reckon they should add that to the 'top 20 jobs women find sexy' list. Wandering through the forest, frying caterpillars with a flamethrower? Makes my toes curl with admiration.


Mephitis said...

My husband would "read" the star or sun, given a chanc, so count yourself lucky! 'Course he isn't prtetending either's an actual newspaper! :D

Hmm, I see your point. A man with an extra large flame-thrower is not to be sneezed at! :D Welcome to the blog, btw.

fejkat said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Anonymous said...

My Mum used to know Alistair Darling's first wife as she was a teacher in Edinburgh and so was Mum. She went by the name Darling even though she was divorced from him. I don't know why that's relevant, but I'm saying it anyway. Perhaps there's something "Alpha-male" and "I want to rule the world"ish that's on the same gene that produces the fulsome bushy eyebrows? Any geneticists on the weblog? No? I'll just shut up. Abster x PS I love telling the children to auto-defenestrate.