Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Speight of rumours

Pardon the terrible pun.

It is always, I feel, a good idea to avoid looking at the comments people add at the end of on-line news stories such as Mark Speight's suicide. Not only are some of the sentiments expressed less than edifying, (to paraphrase: 'serves 'im right and I allus thought his eyes were too close together' and what have you), textspeak offends me and the spelling & grammar there is often atrocious.

Is this a salient point? Possibly not. Is it intellectually snobby of me to want to dismiss anything someone writes when they can't be buggered to fill in all the letters of the words they presumably think are worth sharing? Probably.

I guess I can live with that indictment against my character, when confronted with such gems as "shame tallented guy ???? but was it quilt that finnished him off or just true love we,ll never no[.]"

The dastardly quilt of doom.

I shall never look at my duvet the same again.

SMart is/was one of my daughter's favourite programmes: she likes the arty crafty, make and do shows. On that basis alone, I'm sorry for his death, poor blighter.


Steg said...

When the kids were younger I remember being stunned by this guy on SMart. The fact that he and his beautiful, talented fiancée are no longer with us while the world seems increasingly populated by those who can neither spell nor use the simplest rules of grammar vexes me greatly.

Mephitis said...

He had a likeable tv persona and seemed talented. It's a shame.