Thursday, April 10, 2008

Money money money money

In other money matters, I received today a letter demanding cash. Curiously not from any company I know I owe to. It claimed my bank had sold my debt to it. But it didn't have any details, other than a reference number I don't recognise, and it didn't have the full name of the bank on it. Curiously enough the bank in question is one I'm actually in credit with.

So I went in and talked to the bank, and they know not of what I speak, and my accounts with them are all fine: in fact they love me. Well, they'd probably love me more if I was in debt to them, as they could make money out of sending me rude letters, but that's by the by. They advised me to take the letter to the police station to check if it's a scam they're wise to, which I did, but they weren't.

I think I shall write to these people asking for more details of my alleged debt.

Or wait for the bailiffs.

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