Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am annoyed by David Cameron this morning.

I'm often annoyed by David Cameron and politicians in general, let's face it, but I hate the political capital that is made when someone allegedly backs down on an issue. This being concessions (with regard to the 10p tax rate thingymabob) that the government are making noises about.

I think it's bloody wonderful if a government that has made a stupid and potentially very damaging to its people type of mistake do something about it. Of course it'd have been much better if they hadn't done it in the first place, but at least they're making some sort of gesture*. And I think backbenchers should be able to make waves and change government policy, otherwise what's the frigging point of all these MPs? Just going grrr and yay in the appropriate places isn't worth an awful lot to me.

"The lady is not for turning" is not a beneficial attitude in my view. It's just your basic pigheadness and Idon'tgiveashit-ness. Which is not an attitude I'm acquitting the government of at all, just glad they've a rebellion on their hands and their arrogance is curtailed somewhat for a change.


* Possibly a v-sign, but let's be hopeful, eh?
** Non-specific epithet that may apply to any and all politicians, so don't you be thinking it doesn't include you, Mr Cameron, you smarmy, non-roadsign-obeying, followed-by-a-big-car-carrying-your-briefcase-not-so-green cyclist.

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