Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This morning I took T to pre-school and was removing his coat to hang it on the peg, when I spied a ludicrously large spider upon his shoulder. It must have been hiding in the laundry pile and actually on his clothes when I put them on him this morning. Ewww.

Another parent gave me a very funny look as I endeavoured to flick the creature off m'boy without him noticing he had the spider on him and without actually touching its disgusting arachnid-ness directly. I think the father was much relieved when he understood what I was about. Otherwise it looked like I was completely deranged and so incompetent a parent as to have no idea how to remove a child's coat.

It was a victory for my self-control that I managed not to squeak or flap so badly that T noticed. I know it's a silly phobia, at least in this country where all our spiders are harmless and this dimension where mutant spiders can't give you special abilities.

And this spider lived, although the stamping and the leaping-up-and-down on the splattered carcass were much on my mind.

Amusingly, it was this top he was wearing:

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