Monday, March 24, 2008


I've read a couple of books (Pratchett's Small Gods again and the Life of Pi) and watched a couple of DVDs: Black Sheep and Chaos. Black Sheep was by turns gross, grossly funny and gross again, with some marvellous hammy lamby puppets. It wasn't a very good film, but it had its charms.

We've had egg-hunts. I've made Easter bonnets. I've eaten too much chocolate and felt slightly sick. I've been good housekeeping material, with much cooking and cleaning. We've had some fabulous lazy breakfasts, enjoying the holiday time with the children: our current favourite is drop-scones with sweetcorn in them, with bacon and maple syrup. Which is new to us and very delicious.

I've ventured onto Facebook and found it to be good, although alarming. People from school who I don't remember adding me and people I fell out with long ago renewing their acquaintance. For what reason?! Is it to make amends, is it to pursue me unto death with pitchforks and html, is it just to have another person on their friends-list to make up more numbers? I know the latter is the reason I accepted them!

And that's about it.

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