Saturday, March 29, 2008


The advantage in leaving potty training later is that the child is more likely to get the idea quickly and not have so many set-backs. This is partly the reason I've left it longer than some parents* with T, and also partly because I've been waiting for a time when he isn't full of cold or one bug or another. I may have mentioned once or twice in passing my aversion to winter and the close exposure of my children to other people's horrendous germy children. Gah! Of course, later potty training is harder on the environment, but easier on the home environment, heheh.

We are now a week in and it's going very well indeed. He absolutely has a handle on the urine situation and we've had some successes in the other department too.

In other child development news**, S has improved her guinea pig handling abilities to the point where she will go and pick them up herself and fetch them in. Prior to the holidays she was a bit unsure about them, although loving to stroke them and have them on her lap, picking them up or catching them was not something she tried.

On the one hand, this new-found wrangling skill stops the pleas for me to go get them for her, but on the other, means guinea pig turdlets all over the carpet and early morning guinea pig release.

Conti turns out to be a genius amongst his kind and has worked out how to pull open the side of the plastic box (which is their temporary holding cell while in for statutory stroking) in order to high-tail it to Mexico, or Peru, I suppose, via underneath the sofa. Currently I am foiling him by tying the sides with string, but with his gnawy little teeth and gargantuan guinea pig brain, it can only be a matter of time. The Prison Break producers might like to borrow him for future episodes if the writers' strike continues...

Edited to add: Oooh belatedly noticed that this post was number 666. It was sadly lacking in evil, though.

*Whoever they might be.
** Or possibly just linking two lines of thought a bit and pretending there's some continuity.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to read this now knowing exactly what you are talking about. I'm sure T will get there with the potty training soon enough. Abster x