Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everybody loves Heather

I am amused in a non-too-salutory way by the coverage of the Mills-McCartney divorce. Siren's photo-story of Ms Mills outside the courtroom is particularly, er, fun: they've clearly chosen all the shots for catching her at her gurn-iest. I think only one shot is remotely flattering: all the rest have her grimacing and eye-ball rolling. The media have really had it in for her the whole time, so mocking pictures are probably the least of her worries.

I find it hard to be sympathetic to her though: all this talk of whether Mr McCartney has 400 million or 800 million. At those sort of figures, it is getting into meaninglessly large numbers. I can't even be jealous of that sort of money. Does not compute.

Rich rich rich!

Her take-away settlement of 24 million seems pretty substantial to me for a few years of marriage. I can see the sense in alimony when a woman has put her career on hold or hasn't begun one in order to concentrate on the children of the marriage or the household, and where she has put her efforts into helping her spouse achieve his goals at the expense of her own. How far any of this applies to Ms Mills, I've no idea. Her settlement seems equable to me, but the figures involved make my head spin - McCartney was rich as Croesus before he married her and probably makes in interest the money he will pay in child maintenance in the time between getting up and having a piss in the morning.

Rich rich rich!

And so my foray into sleb gossip ceases.

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