Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Songs I shouldn't ought to have liked

I have been ruminating on lists today, having been trolling round looking at blogs and blogging communities. "20 books I'd recommend" and "10 songs I'm embarrassed to admit I like" were two that interested me, although I like to imagine I'm long past the point of embarrassment regarding my musical tastes. I think I'll leave the book one for now and, er, enthrall you with the latter.

Well, I'm a little embarrassed by liking:

  1. Europe's "Final Countdown". Cheesy rock! I believe it was the first single I ever bought.
  2. Scouting For Girls' "She's so Lovely", which lyrically speaking is rather short on content and includes The Star style references to a "stunna" - you just know there's no -er there!
  3. Gwen Stefani's "What you Waiting for". The use of "stupid ho" bugs me and I feel like I ought to dislike the song due to that alone! But I don't.
  4. The Lazytown album. I sing along and everything. Tragic.
  5. Cher's "Gypsies, tramps and thieves". Ahem.
  6. All Saints' version of "Under the bridge". *
  7. Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne". There's nothing intrinsically wrong in liking Leonard Cohen, is there?** It's just I seem to know people who think it's odd.
  8. Christina Aguilera's "CandyMan". "He's a one-stop shop, making all the panties drop..." Heh heh.
  9. Scatman John's "Scatman" Hahahahaha. Oh dear. Erm, I see Tim Robbins' dancing to put his shoes out. That's no excuse, is it?
  10. S Club 7's "Reach".

Seems one thing most of these have in common is being relentlessly upbeat. With obvious exceptions of Mr Cohen and the Chilli song.

* Obviously the Red Hot Chilli Peppers do it better, goes without saying. But I'm saying it anyway, just in case you think I don't know that, cos I do, I just happen to like the Saints' version as well. Not as much, clearly. Have I justified myself enough yet!?

** Indeed there's nothing wrong in liking any of this, it's all a matter of taste, innit?

The version I don't feel I have to justify liking!


ellie said...

Whenever I hear 'Reach for the stars' I think of my son's primary school singing it in assembly - awww, it's so cute all those enthusiastic but out of tune little voices. Got to love it for that.

Mephitis said...

It's part of my daughter's "wake-up/shake up" routine in the mornings. I particularly like the teachers having to jump along. :D

Anonymous said...

I had to remind myself that you are from the UK when I read this, because S Club 7 has a secret spot in my heart as well, and VERY few of my friends even know who they are.

I learned of them while I was living in Belgium in High School and will always remember them fondly ;)

And who doesn't love the Final Countdown?

Gertrude ;)