Friday, February 08, 2008

Shoot 'Em Up

I was expecting a lot of action & silliness and to have a good time watching some mad stunts and cartoonish violence from this film starring Clive Owen, (who will always be Chancer as far as I'm concerned). And on the up side, death by carrot is not usually a staple of action films.

On the down side, I was thoroughly repulsed by the misogyny in the portrayal of women: too incompetent to shoot a guy at point-blank range, too stupid to know to feed her baby - needs a man to rip open her top to demonstrate what she needs to do. Salacious garbage.

I don't think it helped that Sally Anne Bowman's murder has been on my mind so that the bad guy copping a feel of the dead woman - well, I couldn't see the ha ha humour in it.

Maybe it got better after that, I don't know, I'd had enough. Added to which the cockatiel took it into his head to attack me at that point, for no obvious reason. Vicious little git. I shall call him Bitey and he shall eat naught but human flesh.

I went to bed in a bit of a mood.


Anonymous said...

If Clive Owen's in a film I just assume it is going to suck so bad there will be no air left in the room. He's *never* been in a good film, in his life. I don't know if it's his bad acting or his bad choices for scripts, but I've given up watching his films. Abster x

Mephitis said...

I never even liked Chancer to be honest! But that's what I associate him with. I don't think I've seen any of his other films, and from what you say, doesn't sound like I'm missing much.