Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The r-word

Online headline today that "Accused had sex with dead Sally-Anne".

Oh fucking come on! Let's just call it what it is, shall we? There's no question that a dying/dead woman can give consent is there? Yeah, she was asking for it, lying there, all stabbed and that.

It's rape, oh journalist-scum.


Steg said...

It's an outrageous defence to rely on in a Court of Law, isn't it?

"No m'lud. I didn't kill her. I did, however rape her still warm and bleeding corpse."


ellie said...

I didn't pick up on that but checking out the BBC website you are right, except that the journalist was sadly only reporting what the prosecution said. Amazingly it was the prosecution who used the 'had sex with' admission in court!! WITH??? And that is a highly educated barrister.....

Mephitis said...

It's weirdly almost sanitising the act, and you would've thought that would be the last thing the prosecution would do. Perhaps it's just so outrageous and despicable it 'goes without saying' or it's too much to handle. Does not compute.

Just sickening.

Smirking Cat said...

You've already said it all, but I had to add my disgust as well. Not often, but occasionally, I'm speechless with anger.

Mephitis said...

It's mind-boggling. :(

And hello. :)