Sunday, February 17, 2008

Clutter and oversights

Today we have put all the things that have crept into the wrong rooms back into the right rooms and the result is very nice.

After a while, having achieved rather a lot by the way of rearranging clutter, I got distracted and went through my cupboard of art, photos and scrapbooks. It was a lovely nostalgia trip, looking at our wedding photos and such. M looked through and kept exclaiming about how his ears or his head or how skinny he looked. I think he was rather saucy, and he's still pretty darned tasty now, but anyway... I was quite happy with how I looked in those photos, oh and the earlier ones of my student days and before - I wish I could have seen myself then as I see myself (as I was) now. Is that a coherent sentence? I know what I mean.

Still youth is wasted on the young, innit? (thereby aging myself by about 20 years).

There were also some scrapbooks and photobooks I had spent ages making for S when she was very small, all of her and every little thing she did. I realise I haven't done the same for T, which is dreadful isn't it? In later years he might wonder why. I ought to rectify this glaring omission, if possible. It's not that I don't feel the same about him as I do S, it's just time constraints and they use up all the glue before I get to it and ,er, other weak excuses that aren't going to hold water should a peeved child come to me in later life and demand to know where his scrapbooks are.


Anonymous said...

*Smug feelings*. I have a Baby book for both E and T, with the same amount of writing and photos and things in both. I'm pleased about that. Sorry, that doesn't help you! I'll get me coat. Abster xx

Mephitis said...

I have glue, a book and a printer that actually works. I have the technology to rectify my horrifying negligence. :D

That's another of my feeble excuses, the old printer you see. When I did S's scrapbook I was still getting actual photos printed regularly, but I made the switch to digital and I don't seem to get real photos done as much.

But the old printer was a horrible beast and argued about everything, which put me off printing out paper copies. It's shiny new replacement is much more docile and actually consents to print things out! Hurrah.

Mephitis said...