Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My boy is in a big boy bed, or rather I finally took off the sides of his cot-bed. Which is later than books recommend, but then they recommend you take off the sides when the child starts trying to climb out. T has never considered climbing out, he just bellowed until he is released of a morning. And I'm not much of a one for parenting books. I did like Dr Christopher Green's two books: one with "Babies" in the title, startlingly enough, and Toddler Taming is the other. He seems pretty easy-going and practical and most winningly of all, sympathetic: not about military precision and target-achieving. Routine can be your friend as a parent, but not sweating the small stuff is also sanity-saving. 'Course, I've got a long way to go yet with this parenting lark. See me in a few(!) years for how it all turns out.

It's gone very well so far, the new bed arrangement. His sister fell out of bed half a dozen times when she did the change-over, but he hasn't yet, a few nights in. And he hasn't wandered in the night either. Yet.

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ellie said...

I knew mine was ready for a proper bed when he started to eat the cot (I'm serious!). I put the cot matress on the floor in case of falls but it was only after several fall free weeks he finally rolled out - by then the matress had been removed...