Friday, February 22, 2008


I watched Ashes to Ashes for the first time last night: first the new episode and then last week's one on BBC4.

I liked what little I saw of Life on Mars: I'm not sure about this follow-on. I think part of the problem is I find the female lead incredibly annoying. Her counterpart in the '70s whose name escapes me temporarily, (and yes I could google him, but I'm not going to right now), was a lot more likeable.


Steg said...

Sam Tyler.

I've only recently started watching Life On Mars (one of the more obscure Sky channels is repeating both series) and I'm completely hooked. Unfortunately, Ashes to Ashes clashes with something else and I keep forgetting to tape it!

Mephitis said...

Yes, that's the fellow! Thanks. :D

I think my favourite bit so far of Life on Mars was the clip of Camberwick Green/Trumpton which had Gene Hunt happily giving someone a kicking.

Actually, I might just go and embed that in the post...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Abster here. I agree, Ashes to Ashes isn't as good, it just seems to be about how good the detective looks in a miniskirt. I wish they'd just done a Gene Hunt series and left "people from the future" out of it. In Life on Mars, Sam was a player, he influenced people with his modern approach, but this woman just seems to exist in order to get drunk and sleep around - she's not doing any clever or modern police work. That annoys me.