Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not my idea of fun

I just started a book by Will Self called My Idea of Fun, but I think in retrospect I shall not bother with it after all. I'm not in the mood for dark and harrowing and I'm not in the mood for long words where short ones will suffice: "My father was a tenebrous, as well as a taciturn man". This last coming from me may possibly be somewhat hypocritical, as there's nothing I like more than to use stupidly long words and pompous expressions. But it amuses me when it's from myself - it's not something I necessarily want to endure from anyone else.

I have definitely got to the happy point with my reading habits that if it doesn't catch me in the first few pages, it isn't going to get read. And descriptions of decapitating tramps and sexually molesting the corpse are not the way to keep my attention.

Back to the charity shop for that one, I think.

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