Sunday, January 13, 2008

My heart goes boom-diddy-boom-diddy...

Something I approve of from Gordon Brown? Never say so! Well, being on the left politically it probably ought to go without saying I'd agree with some Labour government policy, I suppose, but it ain't necessarily so ... but this is one of those times: I read an article about the government and come away feeling quite positive about it. Huzzah, put the flags out.

He is supporting a change to opt-out from opt-in for organ donation. This should mean that in the normal course of events, unless the recently deceased has specified they do not want their organs used for transplants, it'll be all systems go snippety snip, choppety chop, splurt. According to the figures in that article only 20% of people are on the donation register, while 90% claim to be in favour of doing it.

So a hell of a lot of people are either all mouth and no organs, or they haven't got round to signing up yet*. With presumed consent, this gap between what folks say and what they bother to do would be closed up somewhat. I like it. I hope the change is made.

* Not signed up to donate your organs in case of untimely demise? Do it now!


Anonymous said...

All mouth and no organs rofl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that ^^^^^ was me. Abster. xx