Monday, January 14, 2008

More regarding guinea pigs

Listening to Bill Bailey on the subject of guinea pigs on QI the other day cheered me up a bit. His guinea pigs apparently live their lives in a state of terror too.

Well, it's no wonder what with monstrous giants picking them up, which are obviously predators with the gnashy pointy teeth and the forward-facing eyes. The creatures might never have actually hurt them, but the potential is there through a guinea pig's paranoid eyes.

Perhaps they know about fattening up. Or research labs.

It was muck-out day, so I decanted them into a cardboard box, and took the opportunity of photographing the babies and weighing them. The older set are coming up to weaning age, and I wanted to check their body-weight was within recommended parameters. Which it is, and they may yet have to fear being cavy รก l'orange, being so chubby and us on our uppers.

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