Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just desserts

I was rewarded for good behaviour today with a sticker. T acquired it from the fruit we'd bought.

Thus I spent the day with "ripe and ready melons" stuck to my chest.


canadian sadie said...

Perfect! *grin*

Primitive Person said...

< beavis and butthead >

Heh. Melons! Heh heh heh. Heh. :)

< /beavis and butthead >

Steg said...

*shuts eyes, covers mouth and shakes head*

If you spent the whole day wearing it I'm sure you heard anything I might come up with anyway.

Anonymous said...


I've got my Facebook status saying "Abster is not running any marathons any time soon because if she jogs she gets two black eyes". Heheheh.

I want those stickers, I'd wear one to church and see what people said. Last week my son was trying to get me to wear my "shit happens" badge to church. I didn't but it was a fun idea! Abster xx

Steg said...

Abby? Is that you?

Mephitis said...

Heh heh, to all. ;)

I did wear it all day, Steg, but I'm afraid I didn't see any adults except for the school run when it was pouring and everyone was head-down and run for cover! And Abby does comment here sometimes.

Hey Abs! Chortle at your FB. :D

Steg said...

Give her my best, please sweetheart, if you could.

Mephitis said...

Have passed on your regards, Steg. :)

Steg said...

You're too kind. Thank you very much.