Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woolly wonderings

On the radio they bleep out the word 'blow' in Amy Winehouse's song "back to black". The lyric goes "you love blow and I love puff". I don't understand why really. If it's about getting rid of drug references, why leave in the puff?

I'm probably way out of touch with drug slang, but I thought they were the same thing. Only I suppose that way the song doesn't make sense - unless he likes resin and she likes weed. Songs often don't make sense, of course.

Oh oh, blow can be cocaine, especially in the US, according to Google. All hail Google. So it might be hard drugs vs soft drugs. That makes a bit more sense, but still seems a bit random. Of course arbitrary decisions are the territory of the curious beast that is the censor.

Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I agree on all counts. I don't know what the drug words mean, but I think if they're going to mute out one, they should mute out the other one too. I once heard a rap with the phrase "the hot ___" in it, something to rhyme with "oo", so I thought it was screw, but it turned out to be "Jew". I would never have guessed. :) Abster xx