Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Of flu, Father Ted and not much of note

The good thing about the 'flu is an excuse to lie around not doing much. The bad thing is not being able to do much else but lie about. Proper poorly I would declare myself as, over the weekend. It was the head-ache that was the killer. When that lifted last night, everything started looking up. So hurrah.

In intervals that were not occupied with running a fever or running after other people with fevers, I did manage to do quite a bit of reading over the last week and it's a nice feeling. I always feel guilty if I don't have a book on the go or haven't read much for a while. I stuck to fiction, and not particularly demanding reads: a couple of Sue Graftons, the Pullman Dark Materials trilogy and a Ben Elton novel.

The Pullman books are completely the power of protest reads: I saw that there is much controversy around the film because of supposed god-killing themes and thus was intrigued. I am a Craggy Islander from the plot of the Father Ted episode (The Passion of St Tibulus) where the priests are charged with protesting a film.

"Down with that sort of thing"
"Careful Now!"


Primitive Person said...

What did you make of Pullman, then? Obviously there's a lot of excitement around the film at the moment, although apparently they've toned down the more overt anti-religious sentiment to appease American audiences.

I've never read the HDM trilogy, not because of any possible conflict with my own views, but simply because I don't particularly think I'll enjoy them that much. It's not really my bag.

I read "The Da Vinci Code" to see what all the fuss was about, and I won't be making that mistake again...

Mephitis said...

I enjoyed them a lot. I like fantasy/s-f and so the parallel worlds aspect etc appealed to me.

What especially miffed me about Brown's DVC was just how badly written it was.

The same accusation cannot be levelled at Pullman: the man can write! Much better standard, (and it's a bit shocking when you consider that Brown was aiming at the adult market, and Pullman wasn't with his DM trilogy).

I'd recommend them.