Monday, September 17, 2007

Doddery rodent

The hamster, who has featured before in this post is making squeaking noises a lot. Now this is unusual in such a beast, they usually only squeak when scared or enraged, but he seems to have developed a mumbling squeak to himself and grumbles round the cage doing it.

It could be old age and in his dotage he has begun to talk to himself. "Pesky sawdust getting in between my toes, significantly annoying sunflower seeds that I have to crack open myself, at my age. In my day tunnels were only horizontal, but look at the angle on this, etc etc..."

Maybe I should take him to the vet.


Anonymous said...

Has he seen that advert on the telly about the guinea pigs using Egg cards? Maybe he's complaining you don't trust him with his own credit card.

I sent you some emails lately, but you didn't respond. Did you get them? Abster. xx

Hippernicus said...

I wouldn't mind him getting a credit card as long as he pays it off. £20 the vet bill! I could have got half a dozen new hamsters for that.