Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Twits and twit-twoo

What can you do with a man who insists he will not use crutches when he does in one leg? He will use a walking stick, but his pride(?)/pig-headedness will not allow crutches.

You can predict the outcome for his other leg, which at any size is not designed to take full-weight on its own, but when the subject is of a rather rotund nature, it is clearly asking too much. Of course he's knackered his knee in the uninjured leg now.

Argh. What can you do with a man like that?

Still, as I was driving back from there at dusk yesterday, I was privileged to see a barn owl perched on a post at the side of the road. It's no wonder they are such icons of the owl world, they are so beautiful. This one wasn't impressed by my braking to get a better look and took wing in rather ungainly fashion, so perhaps was a young one, (or didn't wait for the right wind thinking I was an owl-axe-murderer or something).

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