Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The toe of my boot for holiday home owners

There's a swathe of recent reports about just how fecking terrible the affordable housing levels are in the South West at the moment. Read it and weep: one in 27 houses in Devon and Cornwall are holiday homes, while prices are 14 times the average salary (in some areas 16 times). Cornwall is one of the places with lowest wages anyway, comparitively, so it's a bloody miracle if a local can get a toe's nail-hold on the property ladder.

We're so very lucky to have got this house, but them other poor sods who are on the waiting lists which have increased 150% and more - it's just awful. I'd like to personally kick each and every second home owner in the arse: it offends my sensibilities to think of all these properties sitting empty for 90% of the year while there are so many people who live and work here with not a snowball's chance of getting somewhere secure.

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