Thursday, August 30, 2007

The time is right

You know of course that the best possible time to make your first ever attempt at baking a non-dairy cake is two hours before the party you are supposed to serve it at?

It's patently obvious that you should. If you do it that way you have absolutely no worries about it going horribly wrong and you won't need to call in the troops to rush down and buy an unsuitable allergen-laden cake instead, which you use only for the birthday boy's candles, birthday song and blowing out thereof, and have to sneakily replace his piece of cake with a non-dairy bun and bit of icing. A stress-free operation I'm sure is always bound to result from such planning.

And also the best possible time to start growing a crystal garden with lots of stinky vinegar, is just before you have visitors to whom you wish to present as close to a "show-home" image as possible.

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