Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I have no idea why I'm blogging this.

I don't usually do blood and gore, but I am strangely fascinated yet repulsed by the blood blister that has arisen on my arm. I burnt it a few days ago, and initially it had a clear blister, but I banged it on something and it burst. It scabbed and then a small red dot became a large red blood blister. Eurgh.

Look away now if you are of very weak stomach.

I am, I feel queasy at the least little bit of blood. Aa a teenager, I was quite freaked out by the fact we're all full of slithery organs pulsing and veins and the red stuff. First Aid courses make me feel a bit faint! (Pathetic, really.) But this yukky thing is on my arm, and somehow it became interesting.

I wish I'd kept a photographic record of its 'orrible progress in a way...


Anonymous said...

Did your blister go away? After how long? I have one on my FACE. I've trie pricking it, bandages, nothing seems to work.

Mephitis said...

Um, I'm afraid I've nothing very reassuring to tell you: it eventually went down but it's left a bit of a scar. I hope that you have a happier outcome.