Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hidden Valley

This attraction near Bodmin was a mixed success with the children. I think it will be more fun for us as a family when T is older, or if M could come with us. S was excited about pursuing the challenges to get time in the Vault, but I didn't have T's pushchair and he got tired and didn't understand why we were going to and fro (searching for clues).

It's a beautiful setting. T did very much enjoy the ride on the Little Didtre train, and looking at the miniature railway sets, and of course the outdoor play area, but he was really too small to appreciate the quests, which made it difficult to maintain my enthusiasm, as I was carrying him and everything else. Perhaps his pushchair would have made the difference.

We did complete 1 and half crystal challenges, and then we had to go as T was grumpy and we were picking up gran for the weekend.

It's a good place to go and a bit different to the norm, so I think that when he's older we'll try it again. He probably needs to be about 5, or I need to have an adult with me who can either take S hunting clues or show T the trains and slide endlessly. Divide to conquer in this case, I think!

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