Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'm quite excited because I've booked tickets for my first gig in ages, the pretext being M's birthday. Neither his birthday nor the gig are for ages, and there's quite a big gap between the two, in fact it's closer to my birthday than his. I'll have to get him something else as well and there's a risk that this will seem like a present for me. (Which of course it is as well, because I like her voice too and I've bought tickets for two. But he liked her first and converted me, so surely that makes it count as mostly a present for him? Does it? Please say it does?) It's for Amy Winehouse, if cirrhosis of the liver hasn't killed her by then.

I was thinking about booking a hotel for the night as well, but the ones I fancy are expensive and I'm pretty sure M would say "what's the point?" if we'll be spending the evening at a gig and then heading home in the morning. I expect it's unlikely that we can hang around for long enough to partake of swimming pools and such-like, and booking one like that would definitely turn it into a present for me, me, me, mememememe. The M in my head is no doubt right that it would be a bit wasted on us on an occasion like this, and a simpler & cheaper b&b would do.

On the other hand, I have a hankering for luxury, mini-bars and swimming pools! Perhaps we could turn it into a combination birthday present for us both?

But I still think he'd poo-poo the luxury hotel. I'll leave deciding until a bit later, I think, no need to go mad and get everything arranged right now. I can book in somewhere once I've thought on it a bit longer. And possibly we could have a luxury break another time.

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Anonymous said...

If it's in London remember the Raynes Park hotel. :) We can remove the children and you can have the children's room. With the added luxury of not costing a bean. Abster xxx