Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If I was a newspaper

If I was a newspaper (well, rather journalist) writing about what I am about to blog, I would report it as "PC gorn mad (again)" (and then I would have to go and shoot myself through the head).

My child's school has decided that all the children in her year will do the Maypole dance instead of just a selected few at this year's country dancing event. It wouldn't be very accurate of a newspaper to report it in such a way, and they only really like PC-gorn-mad stories that are schools, councils or other official bodies imposing their PC-gorn-madness on poor innocent Joan Public. But I've no doubt that it would be spun as "school's PC diktat!" if it were reported. (Newspapers often seem to neglect concerns such as accuracy and reflecting reality in favour of fearmongering and outraged-of-Tunbridge-Wells-speke, as amply demonstrated by many of Five Chinese Crackers' dissections of articles).

In this case, as probably with many others, it's the petty pusillanimous mewling brats (other parents!) that have caused the change. Just because their children didn't make the team, they have the audacity to moan, whinge, complain and gurn officially. Maybe young Billy has two left feet, face up to it, you rose-coloured-spectacle wearer!

Of course, my daughter did make it onto the team, which may account for my reaction.

It must be rotten running a school: if you listen to parents and abandon the minor competitive element that may cause disappointment (mostly to the parents!) you run the risk of being accused of insanity by politically correctness. If you don't listen to parents, you'll likely get the LEA looking into you!

This post was not altogether serious.

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