Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One step forward and a couple of steps back

Decorating houses is fun - and then it's not so fun. When you feel like you're getting somewhere it's fabulous, dahhlinks, such as when you think you've nearly completed a room. A real sense of satisfaction, and imaginary placing of furniture and carpets can follow.

But when you attempt painting the ceilings and the now-moist & sticky previous paint layers peel off like wall-paper on your head, it's not quite so fabulous.

My hair is going white and it's not with age or worry.


Cat said...

I find decorating very satisfying, but I'm not so hot on the pre-decorating prep.

Twizi said...

Decorating - becoming quite good at it now especially ceilings, done 3 out of 5 (plasterboard, sealing, wallpaper and 2 coats of paint). Not only am I finding muscles that never knew they existed but I've found I have a talent for wallpapering ceilings.... shame I don't like heights makes it very difficult from floor level.

Hippernicus said...

I'd much rather get on with the painting than the prep myself.

:D at trying to wall-paper ceilings from the floor.