Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You are a pirate

It strikes me as sourly funny that, according to local radio, it is necessary for there to be increased awareness of the dangers of tombstoning.

Isn't there a tiny weeny clue in the name?

And another thing, the road safety bods are currently sponsoring travel news on my beloved Pirate, and it announces that "the average child car seat costs £80 ... but how much is your child's life worth?" Well, yes, a worthy message blah-blah-blah, that's not the bit I want to talk about. I think their figure must have come from finding the highest and the lowest priced seat and dividing by two. Which is a perfectly rational way of coming up with a figure, I suppose, but it doesn't really reflect the true situation.

Is it a mean average when you take a large sample (or all) of prices and then divide by the number of the sample? That would be more representative, wouldn't it? I'm sure then the figure would be much lower, which would be a better pitch. Yes, you can buy top of the range super-duper car seats with bells and whistles and probably woofers and tweeters, but even the cheapest one has to conform to safety standards. I think saying a lower figure would be more hard-hitting. Although perhaps £80 isn't a lot.

Perhaps I'm showing my income level - how rude!

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ellie said...

If I added up all the money I spent over the years on buying suitable stage car seats I'd upset myself! Actually, a rough calculation tells me it's about £120... The tiny little one with the carrying handle, the rather posh older baby one which could fully recline for naps and cost most of all (it was unnecessarily swish admittedly), and finally the cheapie £10 booster seat. So really £80 doesn't look too bad thinking about it, when you think about how much kids cost you altogether.....