Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Vampiric voyeurism

I find the on-going media melee about the abduction of little Madeleine in Portugal sickening. It's a feeding frenzy and it's encouraging stranger-paedophile hysteria, which of course, the press generally loves to do. Find a fear and exploit it.

The fact that most abuse occurs within the family or immediate social circle goes unregarded.

The speculation around this case is vomit-inducing and following this poor family around for every waking moment and reporting every detail, every nuance, is vampiric voyeurism. You just know it's going to be the Portugese authorities to blame if she isn't found or found dead, and that there will demands for enquiries and general anus-gazing. Of course, the media are catering to a demand as well - a forum I frequent has a 750-plus post long thread on the subject, which makes me feel quite ill.

It's a hysteria and a sort of titillation going on, slowing down to look at the car-crash. Bloik. It isn't that most of the sentiments are wrong - of course it's natural to worry and feel for the people involved, but to endlessly speculate & chew over & blame...

There's an irony in blogging about this, I guess.

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