Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On trying to be unlike myself

As you can imagine, trying to be unlike myself doesn't work too well. For I am rather like myself usually, and to be honest, if one is attempting to "improve" oneself, it should probably be high on one's agenda to either be unhappy with oneself or unhappy generally. I actually quite like myself much of the time, and I'm not unhappy.

I sometimes think I should develop more friendships and try to be sociable more often, but it really isn't me. I'm content in my own company. Although I enjoy socialising when I make the effort, I like being on my own too. Of course, being a happily married* woman and having kids puts a serious crimp on alone time, so I get a bit antsy when too much peopling encroaches on my time.

I find it harder than it probably should be to bend for other people (not in that way, you dirty Berties!).

*You have to say "happily married woman!" in a particularly pompous high-pitched voice. It's an allusion, post-modern, ironic, tha' knows.

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