Friday, May 18, 2007

Identifying animals 101

We were watching a programme about going green, featuring a man with the most enormous moustache.

He was talking about filtering waste water through reeds and I was wondering if there was some kind of correlation between this project and his facial hair, when I spotted a rather cute lamb and mentioned it to M. This drew a look of ridicule which I initially assumed was to do with my confusion between him and someone who cares whether there's an animal on tv, such as either of the children. (Admittedly, I should be able to turn off the switch that makes me utter joyously the name of animals once I am not in the presence of those small persons who might be interested, but I fear it may be too deeply embedded a habit).

Anyway, the following hoot of "that's a cow!" disabused me of the notion that was the cause.

It was not a cow! It was a bloody sheep!
It was a cow! It was black and white, you daft bint!
And so on.

Later in the show there was another longer shot of the creature in question, which cleared up the issue. It was plainly, obviously a "pygmy, long-haired" bovine.

That said "baaaa".

Yes, dear.

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