Friday, May 25, 2007


I did enjoy last night's episode of House. I am watching the second series being shown on Channel 5, and although you might imagine such a formulaic show would pall after its first run, I'm kept watching by the characters and their interplay.

That, and Hugh Laurie.

It's a matter of loyalty to the man who used to make me laugh in A Bit of Fry & Laurie amongst other things. He's just so very, and so is Stephen Fry.

Not in that way. Honestly, it's all sex sex sex with you people. By that, I mean the imaginary people who comment on what I'm reading as I write it, generally pointing out where I'm going off on a tangent and saying, "Are you sure you don't want to colour that green?" Which I generally do want to, so that's good... I wouldn't dare assume what any real readers might be thinking, would I?

You know that stupid thing about assume making an ass out of u and me? #Groan# A kind of predecessor of that phrase, was where my mum always used to say "Well, you know what 'thought' did, don't you?" At which point naturally I looked as though I did indeed know exactly what 'thought' did, but frankly, I never had a clue. What did 'thought' do, for gorblimeyguvnorluvaduck's sake?

The imaginary people want me to turn that green so you know it's a tangent. But I think you probably are quite aware of that, if you haven't stopped reading with a pain behind your eyes already.

Back to House! Every episode features a mystery illness which various treatments are tried, and fail, with House being sarky and bitter-n-twisted throughout. Things get worse and worse for the patient with all their organs falling out and their eyeballs popping, up until finally House has a "twig on" moment, usually through dealing with some other minor case or somebody else's patient. He then stops the prior treatment, starts a new one and soon his patient is frolicking joyously out of hospital. Credits roll.

I think this series is slightly weaker in some respects than the first, ie. in the fact we know the formula inside out and back to front, but I'm very much enjoying his sinister policeman nemesis, Tritter (played by David Morse), and his campaign to stop him practicising medicine while a vicodin-addict. More accurately it is to revenge himself on House for once leaving him with a thermometer up his bottom. As you do. By that, I mean you seek vengeance against persons who leave you with thermometers up your bottom, not that you leave thermometers up people's bottoms. That's a hobby for those in medical profession only, or possibly in interesting games of the role-playing, dress-up and rumpy-pumpy variety, (which of course I could know nothing of).

The bit that annoys M about this story-line is that he thinks in the litigious US, there would be a plethora of eager-beaver hospital lawyers merrily suing the buttocks off nosy obsessive policemen. He may be right. A charge of harassment looks applicable to me, on the basis of having watched a multitude of US police/detective shows where lawyers are only too apt to hamper investigations through the cunning application of the law and other nefarious strategems. How could I be wrong with such intimate understanding of the US justice system?

But it doesn't matter that it bothers M. I don't care about that plot-hole, it's Dr Cameron's growing feistiness, Wilson's weakness and whether Chase might be growing a pair keeps me watching.

Not to mention Hugh Laurie.


Anonymous said...

Don't you want to go into "DAMN IT JOHN!" quotes whenever House gets a bit arsey? "DAMN IT JOHN WE'RE GOING TO PUT UTTOXETER ON THE MAP?" "AND WHAT ABOUT MARJORIE?" "MARJORIE WHO?" etc etc. :) I hope the Yanks watch "A bit of..." and see what a comic genius Hugh Laurie is.

In the gym I happened upon a very sad article about Hugh Laurie saying he is plagued with self-doubt and depression... he's moved to the US of A but left his wife and kids behind because he doesn't believe the show has legs, but it leaves him terribly lonely and depressed, a suicide risk even. :( It makes me wish he would either get his family over with him or quit the show. I wouldn't want him to kill himself over a drama that's quite good. There's suffering for your art but that's a bridge too far. Abster xxx

Hippernicus said...

That shames my frozen veins, that shames my frozen veins...


I read something like that about him too. And Fry is bi-polar?

Blooming talented guys, natch.

Anonymous said...

You, yes you you you you you, the you who do the things you do....