Wednesday, May 02, 2007


We may be moving soon, we viewed our possible new house today.

I discovered it isn't easy photographing rooms with a simple point-and-click style camera (as opposed to something with lenses that whir in & out, fish-eyes and all that sort of malarkey), a hitherto unconsidered consideration (heh), and what came out isn't too fabulous. However, I promised S that I would take snaps of the house (for she was at school during the viewing) and I thought I may as well stick 'em on here to show you too.

Her main interest is a potential bedroom of her own, for the sole purpose, I believe, of slamming the door in her brother's face and not then being told that she must let him in because it's his room too.

The decor isn't entirely to our tastes, and indeed there are some truly hideous features, like a rather outré tiled fireplace. But it is a house. And it would be secure. And it has the plumbing for a washing machine! Until you've lived a couple of years with small children and without a washing machine, you will not understand my bliss at the mere suggestion of plumbing for washing machines. I almost cried for joy! And that may seem quite quite mad and superficial and you may be thinking "Good gravy, people lived without washing machines for years, they're simply labour-saving devices we've become accustomed to". If you are thinking such things, I bite my thumb at you and blow raspberries and generally moon at you, and yah boo sucks! Etc etc. (I realise I have a little way to go there, winning friends and influencing people.)

Living room. The brick-colour room.

Kitchen. I like it, it has surfaces and plumbing for a washing machine! You can't see the plumbing for the washing machine in this shot, that hole is for an oven - but it's there, plumbing! For a washing machine.

Back bedroom. The green & purple bordered room.

Master bedroom? The terracotta & peach room.

T's room? The yellow room.

The green room. I mean, garden.

The blue room. The beach within walking distance! Lucky? Me? You hate me, don't you? But content yourself by focusing on the danger signs!


Jen said...

You've been living without a washing machine?? Aaarrghhh! Mine seems to rumble permanently, bloomin children!

Walking to the beach is an amazing thing to be able to do, especially in the summer.

I lived in Jersey for most of my life and having the beach and all that space is soooo wonderful. I envy you.

Hippernicus said...

It hasn't been easy without one, but my pleasure in the prospect of one borders on the insane, I think!

Jersey must have been lovely to live in, (although my acquaintance with it is mostly through Bergerac).