Friday, May 11, 2007

Gina Ford

It seems the Gina Ford vs Mumsnet legal battle is over.

I think no-one really won. I suppose getting an apology is a victory of sorts for Ford, but it's a rather unsatisfactory conclusion for me as an observer. Like Ms Roberts of Mumsnet, I would have liked something definitive about what sites are responsible for, should their users descend into personal abuse. It seems somewhat of a shame that a site which might be well-intended is at the mercy of the whims of its users. Of course, effective & rapid moderation is the answer to that... but I think some sort of recommendations for time-scales and the deletion of inappropriate/offensive material would be really useful - both for those running such sites and people who are defamed or bullied on-line, not just the rich and litigious.

I wonder if had the site had the finances, would it have fought longer? I presume it was a matter of money.

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