Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laughing like a drain

Friday Night with Jonathon Ross was uproariously funny last night. I watched it mainly to see Eddie Izzard, but interviews don't bring out the best in my favourite comedian - he didn't seem particularly comfortable.

The second of the guests I had expected very little of, not having heard of her before and having some (probably) unfair preconceptions about supermodels or ex-supermodels.

Janice Dickinson - what a force of nature, (as Ross described her afterwards).

She was completely insane! Brash, manic, fearsomely open and I think she terrified the male guests and host by the end. She was pretty terrifying. She declared that most of her was fake and she would make a splendid corpse. She was apparently going commando and gave Ross an eyeful, not to mention lying on his desk, leaping upon him, crawling onto the back of his seat and making some rather suggestive remarks. She seemed to think that Lloyd Webber and John Barrowman (of Dr Who & Torchwood) were lovers, which caused some hilarity. Although it made Barrowman laugh like a drain, Lloyd Webber cringed away when Barrowman tried to sit on his lap! She also went on to tell us all that Mick Jagger is poorly endowed and the same of Sylvester Stallone. Then with some malicious glee, she plugged her new show which has her mentoring some w.a.g. in an attempt to become a supermodel, or something, saying that she liked the girl because she cries so much (?)

Having finally been edged out of the show, by the means of Ross carrying her to the exit on his back, she came storming back on to confront John Barrowman about his remark about "any hole will do" about her (Joseph reference, since he was on with Lloyd Webber promoting their search for a Dreamcoat-wearer reality show).

I think the funniest part of the show was Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber huddled on the end of the sofa looking absolutely petrified, while at the same time giggling like a school-boy about her antics and Ross & Barrowman's remarks.

Oh dear. It certainly appealed to a very low denominator with me.

The thing is, I would usually be embarrassed for someone behaving like that - but with Janice, I don't feel that she was going to wake up the next day and go "oh my god, what did I do?"

At all.

I liked her 'though.

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