Sunday, May 20, 2007

Everything's coming up roses...

Lucky old, lucky old Rose. [/Tony Slattery]

After the irritation of Gloria Hunniford (damn her eyes!) this morning, I've had a rather good day. We did a bottom coat in a couple of rooms, pulled off some wallpaper and filled in some holes. I finished strimming the garden. Yesterday I strimmed it within 6 inches of its life, and today it lost some more inches. I should be able to mow it once I've raked off the hay this has created. M chopped a massive rosemary bush into something less triffid-like and revealed a patch of herb garden. The children were eager to assist with the painting: we started with S's room, but T rapidly tired of doing her room and trotted to and fro from his own room with a paintbrush. Amazingly he managed to stay relatively paint-free and even got some on his own walls. S did half a wall and then got bored. Tut tut, kids today: no stamina, no attention span! She watched paint dry for a while, but her interest in DIY was renewed when it got to ripping off wallpaper in another room.

I have developed a sudden concern with things that never inspired me at all previously, such as lamps and curtains and upholstery. This is most strange, grown-up and alarming.

What next? Handbags?

I guess it's the first time the place we will live in will be ours, as such. Bulb on a string not good enough for me now!

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