Friday, May 11, 2007

Does this even happen to anyone?!

If I should ever have the audacity to think I have a rubbish life or that we never get any breaks, remind me of today.

We've been offered a load of furniture free by someone we know through my Mum's work. It includes a tumble drier, (if washing machines weren't blissful enough!) beds, kitchen table and a couple of settees! I won't list it all as it's a lot, and we are unbelievably fortunate.

I haven't seen any of it, but given it is furniture from an expensive holiday let, it can't be in too bad nick. The owners have now let it to someone more permanently, who has their own furniture they want to bring.

It may be in horrible taste yet, of course. But gift-horses and mouths, (especially in advance).

So bemoaning my lot is right out for the foreseeable.

If this blog-post sounds smug in any way, it really isn't. You should see my face. Grateful, surprised, lucky, incredulous, that's a fairer assessment.


canadian sadie said...

Lucky! :) Even ugly furniture is lovely when it's FREE!

Hippernicus said...

Yes, you're right! I get to see it all on Wednesday, and possibly get it taken to the house, so I'm looking forward to that.

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