Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boycotting Nestlé

I was put on to a pretty definitive list of Nestlé products/related companies today, and thought I would record and share the link here. It's a reminder to me and hopefully spreads the word, even in a small way.

They have their fingers in a lot of pies, but boycotting them for their on-going aggressive promotion of formula baby-milk in the developing world, breaching international code, continues to be worthwhile. It's not over.

There are other reasons I consider them an unethical company as well, but that single reason is big enough, surely. They are still failing to comply with the spirit (and even at times with the letter) of the international code, along with other baby-formula companies sadly, and so it's still important.


Anonymous said...

Guilty over the Gold Blend purchasing. I will try and make better buying decisions! Abster XX

El Insecto Calígrafo said...

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ellie said...

Thanks for the link, it really is difficult to spot them. Had just enjoyed some Lyons Maid ice cream, feeling quite nostalgic about the old fashioned image of the children holding hands when I spotted the Nestle insignia. The chocolate's not a problem though, Cadburys is much nicer any way.

Hippernicus said...
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Hippernicus said...

Hello Abster, sorry to guilt you on the coffee! :D

It's hard to avoid these companies at times - my children always seem to fancy their cereals most, and I have to be mean mummy.

Ellie: Cadburys, yum! Or Green & Blacks - I love their orange and dark spices one. :D

Hi el insecto, ta for blog invite.