Monday, April 09, 2007

A typical family day out

We were going to go out to a local beauty spot and have a family picnic this weekend. We got about 5 minutes down the road when the car started to expel a lot of black smoke and farted to a standstill.

M pushing the car.

On the bright side, we saw sheep.

I'm pretty sure this one was laughing.


Spiral Skies said...

Oh dear. I totally sympathise - cars are not my favourite thing right now.

I do quite like the idea of sniggering sheep though. They are probably quite mean underneath that great big woolly coat and not half as dippy as they'd let us believe.

Hope you got the car going again. (And 'hello'!)

Hippernicus said...

Hello! Hope you don't mind me linking to you.

We got towed home by my mum and it has been sort of fixed now.

Spiral Skies said...

It's very lovely that you linked to me - I wouldn't have discovered you otherwise :)

Cars, eh? Grrrrrrrrrrr