Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tv ads

While I'm in a grumpy old woman railing against tv adverts type mode, I might as well share M's displeasure with an advert about some sort of mortgage, where an alleged financial wizard phones himself up and leaves a message for himself where he tells himself he'll be having a candle-lit curry for one while his partner is out with the "old duffers". Ho ho, embarrassment (upon the embarrassment of being such a sad individual that he is leaving himself a phone message) - the "old duffers" are actually at home with his partner listening to the message when he gets through the door.

This ad gets M's goat for a number of reasons. First being the leaving yourself a message angle. Then it's why the woman doesn't pick up the phone. Do you really sit there listening to your partner rattle on on the answer-phone, or do you pick up? And what group of people sits in silence and lets the answer machine dominate the conversation? How come it's that loud that messages can be heard in the living room?

Then it's why this financial guru of a man thinks himself unable to recall the details of his "lesstgage" (groan), hence leaving a message to remind himself. What's wrong with noting it down? Paper and pen too much technology for him to handle?

And why is he talking to the answer-phone in such a conversational way? And how come he starts phoning himself bare seconds before he gets in the door of his home, ending the call by saying to ignore his own message because he's home with himself?

It's an ad that never fails to get M ranting away at the tv. At least it's a family hobby.

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