Thursday, April 05, 2007

Slow for horses

When you see a horse and rider or horse being trained on the road, you should slow down in your car and give a wide berth.


Because a horse on your bonnet frequently offends.

A horse or pony can only learn through experience, and it is important to get used to traffic. Road work is a necessity unfortunately.

Laughing manically out your window as you pass in your car is alright, although it seems somewhat unnecessary and makes me wonder about your sanity... How funny can a horse actually be? Was he dangling his doodah? Was it his hooves? Maybe his mane was a mess - should he get a hair-cut, the hippy? Perhaps it was dimly remembered jokes about a horse in a bar and the bar-man asking "Why the long face?"

Would you laugh more or less if you saw a donkey?
Or a giant space-platypus?
Or a horse dressed as a giant space-platypus?

Speeding past is certainly unwise. You may be in a hurry, but scaring the animal into your path would slow you down much more than giving the pony some time and space.

Slow down for horses!

I insist, I really do. Pass slowly, pass widely, pass quietly.

You can laugh if you like, I don't really mind (as long as you don't mind me wondering what exactly the joke is). Just try not to screech your brakes or beep your horn (I know how tempting it is, and I'm truly sorry for asking you to resist: A horse! Wow! Beep beep, I see a horse! Woo!)

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