Friday, April 27, 2007

Reclaiming bank charges, chapter 4. A fobbing tale.

We got a letter from the bank today saying "thank you" for the complaint and they wish to investigate it. They say they'll get back to us in four weeks to let us know how their investigation is going.

This fits with Martin Lewis' second possible outcome, for our complaint letter:
"You’re ignored or refused. The most common outcome is you get a letter explaining that the charges are lawful, and that you don't know what you're talking about; or even that it is prepared to fight. The banks are trying many techniques to put you off continuing. It may even tell you it’s sorry to hear you’ve got a complaint and it’s looking into it. " (emphasis mine)

They are stalling, fobbing us off, and so we shall move up to Martin's next step of the threatening letter, where we tell them we will take them to the small claims court unless they cough up.


claimbankchargesback said...

You are correct, in that its a standard letter fobbing you off, and you can just ignore it!

14 days after the bank received the first letter you can send the second one, the "Letter Before Action".

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Hippernicus said...

Thanks, I may stop by.