Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paignton Zoo

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you? Our visit to Paignton Zoo yesterday was a brilliant day out.

I hate my digital camera with a deep and deadly loathing because while I was able to look at the baby black rhino with the children, the camera played up. We had to queue to see the rhino and calf, and only a few were allowed in the rhino house at any time, so it was obviously the perfect time for my camera to be annoying. I could have got a nice shot of the great cute beastie, and it was all red-light-no-worky-and-aaargh!

So I have nothing to show you of what a charming little creature it was, although there's a nice pic here.

The children had a fabulous time and you really get up close to some of the animals. A lemur licked S.

The zoo is really nicely laid out, with attractive walks and excellent play areas. It also has a big café and large, if rather too expensive, gift shop. There's a mini train track so you can ride past some of the enclosures, which T particularly enjoyed, being a train-loving boy.

Our over-familiar lemur friend

An orang-utan in a bag. Really it is.

Peacock feeling the joys of Spring and shaking his thing.

My little boy's shoes and a lioness.

The red river hog, which is a marvellous looking critter. Better photo.
Waterfall going into the reptile house.
T meets a snake.
It was a jolly nice day trip, and I'd recommend it most highly. As we left, I bought the £5 "reduced return" tickets for myself and S to go again later in the year (T goes free) because we all enjoyed it so much. It was pure fun, not stressful at all - apart from S insisting on reading the map for us and not letting me look! Oh - and T's outrage on the way out that I wouldn't buy him (yet another) car from the giftshop.

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