Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Treliske hospital has had major problems, that's a matter of record.

Today on the radio I heard this story, the opener being "One in five staff at Treliske says they have seen a potentially dangerous mistake - or near miss - in the last month."

Frightening stuff. Run away, patients! Or hobble ... or drag yourself on your elbows...

But the survey they are referring to, was done during Treliske's worst crisis, and since then there has been a change in management and various new initiatives. Pirate does go on to mention this (and that morale is now higher according to both management and unions), but the alarmism has done its thing. The way they tell it, it sounds as though this very month, this exact April '07, one in five staff have seen a near miss at the hospital. It's very misleading.

I don't doubt that the hospital still has problems, but thank you Pirate for some scare-mongering this fine morning.

Much more interesting is the news that the wave hub project (for an alternative power source) has amassed the £28 million they need to build the thing off the coast of St Ives (about 10 miles out). There's some concern about whether this will kill the surf on beaches like Portreath and Perranporth, and I'm not sure if the project has the actual permissions they need to get started on the build yet, anyway. But it is something I'd like to know more about.

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