Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dream a little dream of me

The last couple of mornings, I've woken up from very realistic dreams, the kind that you're not sure aren't memories.

One was quite disturbing, about the pony having something seriously wrong with his back.

The one today was about having found a neighbour's book of photos in her coffee cup. It must have been a very large coffee cup (So much for realism, then. For it was normal mug-sized in the hand, yet still contained the album. A stretchy realism!). I was nosing through them and thinking how nice they seemed in the pictures, when she saw me and made some remark about having a similar photo-book. I stuffed it into my pocket and claimed it was my own. The rest of the dream consisted of me wondering why I just hadn't taken the small embarrassment (of having been caught looking through her album instead of taking it straight to her) and trying to work out how to return the book and cup without it being obvious that it was me. Bizarre.

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